Fitness Programs

Fit Pregnancy  

Thinking of becoming a mom?  Currently pregnant?  Post-partum?  Working specifically with what your doctor ordered or just a safe effective workout based on your history and goals, Jenn will work one-on-one with you. As a mom of four, she has experienced pregnancy and fitness of many aspects.  Every pregnancy is different, every “body” is different; that is why she will tailor a workout specifically for you.  From increasing circulation with flexibility exercises to soothe round ligament pain, to safe cardiovascular training, to light muscle toning; there are many benefits.  Once your bundle of joy arrives, Jenn can get you back to your fitness goals, increase your abdominal wall and core strength, and work on increasing endorphins to help alleviate post-partum depression. Pregnancy is a huge change to your body, so she is here to help coach you.  Staying fit during pregnancy also helps with the labor, delivery and healing processes.

For more information contact Jenn at 946-1668 ext 104 or email

"Fitness has always been a huge part of my life and I didn't want to give it up when I found out I was pregnant. However, I was concerned that some of the activities I was doing before pregnancy-  "kickboxing" might not be the safest exercises for me or the baby. That's when I heard about Jenn Miller at The Summit. She was offering private classes to help pregnant mothers stay fit while educating them on the safe exercises to do during pregnancy. I signed up for a 12 week session and was so glad I did. Jenn customizes your exercise routine based on the changes your body may be going through at each point in your pregnancy. What I loved most about her is that, being this was my first pregnancy, she showed me how to modify my favorite exercises so that I was making sure both myself and the baby were safe. I also liked that she still pushed me to work hard. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a unique and customized program to help you meet your fitness goals."  Courtney Kantowski

Nutrition Program

Image titleDid you know your nutrition is every bit as important as your workout routine? Whether you are looking to lose weight, maintain your current weight or gain muscle, The Summit’s Nutritional Education program, led by Wayne Wolfe, can help you!

By using the daily journal we provide you, Wayne will be able monitor your eating habits and help you to make the changes necessary to achieve your goals. All metrics, including body fat, weight and BMI will be monitored throughout the program.

This program is a perfect complement to our personal training services. For more information and pricing, please call us 814-946-1668 ext 104.

Fit 2 Wed & Bridal Boot Camp

A total body workout for the whole entire bridal party… or just for you!  

Group classes “Bridal Boot Camp” & private individual sessions "Fit 2 Wed" are available.

Are you a bride, groom, mother or father of the bride or groom, bridesmaid, groomsmen, etc that has a wedding coming up?   Want to shed a few pounds and look great?  Let us take the stress away.

Get fit, gain confidence, and look amazing just in time to walk down the aisle.   We will help you maintain your results even after the wedding.   Because…… fitness always happens.  You don’t just stop because you “reached your goal”.  We are here to help motivate you, guide you, and educate you.   Fitness is our expertise.  Ditch the quick fix money scams, and learn how to achieve your goals and maintain them the right way, long term.  Once you enjoy the immediate benefits of being healthy, you will continue to not settle for being anything less than the best you can be.

For more information contact Jenn at 946-1668 ext 104 or email